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According to the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs’ 2019 report on the International Youth Day, youth population stood at 1.2 billion with a projected increase of 17% up to year 2065. Such a figure speaks of almost 16% of the total population. This means when such kind of active energy in youth is harnessed towards entrepreneurship, the world could be a better place for all. I am glad that a good number of youths are now entering in business at an early age, some of whom are even performing outstandingly well. According to the Institute of Corporate Directors assessment, Zimbabwe has a good number of youths whose entrepreneurship contribution is noteworthy. Critical factors that make youth outstanding in the entrepreneurship arena should be salient matters for discussion.

Become restless

There is a widespread misconception that, “Youths are the future.” This reckless statement has made many youths to take a lackadaisical approach to meaningful socio-economic contribution waiting for such a time in the future when they will be ripe for visible action. There are those who have already started challenging such statements into the limelight for every good business reason.

As long as your name is only known and written on your national identity card, birth certificate and mobile operators’ record for owning that line you use to squander the borrowed or hard-earned money through airtime and bundles with no any meaningful return, there is no need to be restful.

In every African country, Zimbabwe included, there are a number of entrepreneurship gaps that youths can take upon themselves to fill. Become restless, be involved. It is when you’re still in your youthful stage when you can maximise on that raw energy. Never be comfortable with the status quo. Challenge the way things are done for the better.

Believe in yourself

Entrepreneurship calls for people with some modicum of confidence which comes from believing in yourself. If you can’t believe in yourself, you are not an entrepreneurship material. Once you believe in yourself, you build a pool of confidence needed to confront risks and challenges inherent in the entrepreneurship arena.

Lack of self-belief is normally caused by lack of knowledge, understanding and correct information. It is imperative and incumbent upon youths of today to acquire as much information as possible with regard to their area of passion, which I normally encourage people to convert their passion into their purpose and profession. The whole idea is to come up with youths who can confidently chat the way forward for their businesses.

Be transformed

Transformation speaks of alteration of states. Ordinary youths are naturally inclined to an easy-going kind of life. Challenge such kind of unproductive ideology and become a totally different and powerful force altogether. We’re calling for youths of substance. The ones who don’t conform to mediocrity. Become an innovative thinker and come up with new ways of solving current and emergent challenges. Be the solution that the world has been waiting for.

Its common knowledge that a good number of youths end up consumed in drug and substance abuse, acts which will eventually affect their productivity and lifespan. We’re calling for youths whose attitude to life and business is totally changed. The word transform speaks of going across a certain form. You need to challenge an order less life if you’re to venture into and succeed in entrepreneurship. This is a field that calls for a sober and stable mind.

Lasting transformation in youths is brought about through the renewal of one’s mind. You need to bombard yourself with entrepreneurship material and rub shoulders with those who have succeeded in that area. You will learn more and be transformed into productive individuals capable of contributing positively to our societies and the nation at large.   

Contribute, contribute, contribute

It is from the total contribution of all the able masses that brings about all the business hype you see in cities, towns and nations. How much is your contribution as youths? Do not be bystanders. Be involved in the running of businesses and even in the policy making stratus.

The country is waiting for your meaningful involvement in the business sector. You just need to be transformed and become restless. This is enough to stimulate you into action. I know many would want to cite lack of capacity in terms of capital and support as impediments for meaningful contribution. If you are determined enough, nothing can stand in your way. We understand the need for support but you also have to at least start from where you are with what you have.

The world is tired of youths with an inheritance mentality. Contribute in your own unique way. Entrepreneurship entails uniqueness and innovation. Do not just copy what used to be done and take as yours. Don’t inherit yester year’s weaknesses. Be known for ground breaking contributions in the area of entrepreneurship and business. 

 Be phenomenal

We all know that the first price goes to the best runner. In your thrust to start, run and sustain your own enterprise as youths, be reminded that you are not alone in the game to take a nap. You need to be always on your toes making exceptional steps forward. Be phenomenal. The journey is not for the timid.

A number of organisations are coming on board to support youths who show outstanding traits of entrepreneurial prowess. Always be at your best and get the world’s attention. Your people factor, interpersonal skills and networking abilities have the power to enhance your business drive.


Business entails value. Such value needs preservation for sustainability and growth. We have seen a number of youths getting funding to start their entrepreneurship and business endeavours but all was wasted effort due to financial indiscipline.

Personal discipline is yet another virtue our youths must uphold. To become a successful youth entrepreneur, you need to be in a health state. Avoid associations and activities that plays against your health. No amount of money can buy life. Let’s be disciplined young entrepreneurs.


Youths must embrace entrepreneurship and be part of the socio-economic transformation. In as much as we say youths are the future, we must also take cognisant of the fact that, they also should be part of every social and economic strand now. Otherwise, they need to stand up and be counted.

Dr K. Vere

Dr K. Vere

Dr Kudzanai Vere is an internationally acclaimed transformational speaker in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Organisation Development, Leadership Development, Personal Development and financial literacy. He’s the Director of Programs at Institute Of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe, CEO of Kudfort Zimbabwe and a published author of four books. Dr Vere is a Sunday Mail Columnists on Entrepreneurship, a lecturer at WOMEN’S University in Africa and an External Examiner at Harare Institute Of Technology.

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