Institute of Entreprenuers Zimbabwe

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Entreprenuership Education

Institute of Entreprenuership Zimbabwe with its entrepreneurship revolution is leaving no one behind. We’re enrolling right from Primary School, High school, Universities, Prospective & Current entrepreneurs who really want to make a difference in their businesses. 


Policy Advocacy & Research

As a revolutionary and transformational institute, we seek to advocate for policies that support the entrepreneur right from the grass roots since entrepreneurship is pivotal to economic growth and sustainability. 


Entrepreneurship Projects

The institute will run its own projects driven by the pool of entrepreneurship scholars on board. We will support our students to start, sustain and succeed in their various entrepreneurship projects.


Business Development

Stagnation has been and is still a cancer affecting most African businesses Zimbabwe included. We will assist organisation through the co creation of practical business growth models that suits their operating environments.


Economic Development Engagements

Institute of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe’s aim is to transform entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at large and by so doing, the number of contributors to the Gross Domestic Product of the country improves and thus the overall economy grows.


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