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Thriving businesses have since abandoned common strategies and business dogma to embrace Uncommon Methods (UM). Such businesses enjoy Strategic Exclusivity (SC).

We are all schooled in business management principles (BMPs), your Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC). POLC has become too common to make your business outstanding and survive the cutthroat competition. Survival in the business jungle calls for those who go beyond the known.

A junior manager at a company can sing these principles, a startup business person is well aware of them and even the savviest entrepreneur conceptualised these. What makes them different?

People should know what you have done but don’t allow them to know what you’re about to do. Don’t be predictable. Intensify the security of your hidden window or facade (known to you and unknown to others) according to the Johari Window model.

Organizational success, strength and sustainability is embedded in executional uniqueness (EU). Use that which is known and common in an uncommon way. Always do it your own way.

As they talk of their 2065 vision and wait to realise it then. Break yours into daily chewable chunks whose progress and attainment you monitor on a daily basis. The future is created in the present otherwise you will not have any future to talk about. Don’t wait for the future to come. You create the future that you want to live in now.

The common and the known ways and methods will never yield anything beyond the known and common. Always be innovative and employ appreciative intelligence in your quest to go beyond the known and be extraordinary.




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Dr K. Vere

Dr K. Vere

Dr Kudzanai Vere is an internationally acclaimed transformational speaker in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Organisation Development, Leadership Development, Personal Development and financial literacy. He’s the Director of Programs at Institute Of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe, CEO of Kudfort Zimbabwe and a published author of four books. Dr Vere is a Sunday Mail Columnists on Entrepreneurship, a lecturer at WOMEN’S University in Africa and an External Examiner at Harare Institute Of Technology.

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