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We lost considerably on that name, anyway we learnt the lesson.

The company was supposed to be Paradigm Enterprises Private Limited. This is what we had agreed on and started using it manufacturing our freezits from those 20ltres bucket freezit making machines. Yes, we started off from there though we later grew to having those automated and faster machines.

Our uniforms and packaging materials were well branded and we even had opened a bank account in that name – Paradigm Enterprises. We had a paradigm shift then, I decided we need to have an additional source of income from the salary I was getting from the then Redstar wholesalers in Nyanga.

Come the year 2004 when we wanted to register or formalise our company with the registrar of companies, We then suffered a big blow. The consultant we had entrusted with the process told us that the name was declined for there was a company that had already taken up the name Paradigm. It pained us but there was nothing we could do besides looking into ourselves to come up with an alternative name. That’s how Kudfort came to being. We just joined our two names Kudzanai and Fortunate – Kudfort.

We learnt a BIG lesson there that, once you decide to start your own business, don’t waste time, go ahead and get registered or else you will lose the name that you would have toiled for. Imagine the goodwill around that name. Our freezits were the best in Nyanga that people could drive from Ruwamgwe, over 100km for this product.

We later left this manufacturing business 15 years later to get into Accounting and Business advisory so that our colleagues will not go the same route we took. It’s painful to lose your hard earned goodwill in the market due to procrastination.

It’s always good to have your company registered for you will secure your name and keep ready for any bigger orders from corporates as these demand company documents. Your confidence levels also improves as you approach customers from a registered company perspective.

If you haven’t or you know of a friend or relative who is or want to get into business and haven’t registered there company, please advise them to do so.

Direct them to Kudfort Zimbabwe and get your 10% commission once they engage us for the service. This is passive income for you.

Register your company today with a company that has history and a name in the market, Kudfort Zimbabwe. You’ll get the best service in a professional environment.

You can get in touch with us on +263719394041

Dr K. Vere

Dr K. Vere

Dr Kudzanai Vere is an internationally acclaimed transformational speaker in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Organisation Development, Leadership Development, Personal Development and financial literacy. He’s the Director of Programs at Institute Of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe, CEO of Kudfort Zimbabwe and a published author of four books. Dr Vere is a Sunday Mail Columnists on Entrepreneurship, a lecturer at WOMEN’S University in Africa and an External Examiner at Harare Institute Of Technology.

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