21st Century Entrepreneurship Exploits

A closer look into entrepreneurship endeavours by youths, revealed a good number of men and women who have taken it upon themselves to challenge conventional thinking and defied the conformity ideology bewildering many youths and the elderly alike by excavating relevant and convenient economic solutions in different sectors.
Every economic sector has players who are amassing entrepreneurship exploits which are noteworthy and these require the necessary recognition and support.
It does not pay to keep complaining, blaming the Government, the pandemic and other debilitating factors on your failure. Youths have to rise up to the occasion and go against the tide. Real stars shine when it is the darkest.
We are all duty bound to offer relevant and reliable solutions to the challenges of the day. Let us join hands and display our uniqueness in the markets that we serve. This article will focus on the energy, manufacturing, construction and ICT sector.

Solgas Energy (Private) Limited

Solgas Energy, a 2015 registered company is already producing 5 megawatts of solar energy and have so far invested almost USS7,2 million on their first phase. They are currently working on the second phase which is demanding an additional investment of US$10 million adding another 10 megawatts into the national grid.
While most people choose to rush for the shed hiding the scorching sun’s rays, Tafadzwa Mundicha, the founder of Solgas Energy was exploring and testing the intensity of the sun in Hwange, checking on the amount of solar energy in megawatts that can be generated from it.
The incessant 2014/15 load shedding pushed Tawanda into finding a lasting solution to the power shortages and ventured into green energy.
The company has a target of erecting solar power stations in every province. Such a move will surely bring the power cuts to an end while increasing productivity and even earn the country foreign currency through exporting excess energy.
Unemployed electrical engineers and general labourers alike will be taken up by the company as it spreads its wings into other provinces. So far the company has 20 permanent employees and normally hires some 350 temporary labourers from the nearby rural Hwange as need arises.
Zimbabwe has large expanses of land in each province that is being under utilised. You cannot image how only a nine hectare piece of land has within less than six years been turned into a power plant with 15 600 solar panels installed.

Real entrepreneurs see what others call challenges as entrepreneurship opportunities.
Glytime Foods (Private) Limited
The healthy cereals market was dominated by imported products until our own Zimbabwean food scientist from Chinhoyi University of Technology, Lesley Marange, a 32-year-old Mutare born entrepreneur decided to commercialise his knowledge by starting Glytime Foods in 2018.
Marange saw an entrepreneurship opportunity in the market which was triggered by the global trend of increased uptake of cereals due to non-communicable diseases such as blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.
Until then, the country was forking out millions of dollars through cereal imports as they are a necessary component of a healthy diet.
Glytime Foods have a wide range of quality cereals which are not only visible in Zimbabwe’s main shops such as the OK, Pick ‘n Pay and Spar, but they have crossed borders into Zambia with Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo being their next target. Within three years of operation, the company is already exporting its products.
Such are the initiatives that our country looks forward to as they do not only assist in providing the nation with healthy foods, but contribute towards racking in the much-needed foreign currency through exports.

Like any other entrepreneur, Marange tried several businesses along the way to Glytime Foods. He tried his hand in restaurants and roasted nuts. Marange also served in different positions in some corporates such as starafrica corporation where he learnt a lot in terms of manufacturing, leadership, quality control and strategy.
EShagi financial services
Entrepreneurship is all about identifying business gaps in an economy and coming up with a unique solution in the form of a business to close that gap.
The Astro Mobile, Astro Technology Group — Pulse entrepreneur, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo who already has a tech bias identified a huge gap in the financial sector and as usual, coined a unique solution for the sector in the form of a viable, reliable and convenient financial solution called eShagi.
eShagi is a Fintech that is different from banks and microfinance companies. They are unique in that, they offer a hassle free way to access affordable credit and the freedom to spend whenever and wherever they chose.
The conventional banking and microfinance institutions are riddled with many paper works, high fees and maintenance costs, lack of dynamism and speed and asks for a lot of security documents from the informal business person. With eShagi, it takes a few minutes’ keypad pressing on your mobile device to get your loan approved.

When contacted to summarise what eShagi is all about, the Astro Mobile founder and CEO Munyaradzi Gwatidzo had this to say: “We are offering a multi-channel digital platform, which seeks to improve access to credit to people in most remote of areas. We are banking the unbanked while at the same time providing traditional banks and microfinance institutions with a digital platform to offer their services. We’re creating an ‘Amazon’ for Credit and Financial services.”
In addition to the loan issues, the company is set to launch a digitally linked payroll backed credit card and point of sale credit for instant access to credit on a pay as you go basis.
Coming along with all these is a digital wallet with multiple integrations with bills on credit, Zupco pay on credit and emergency medical shortfall credit capabilities. You can even pay your DSTV on credit. This is a solution in real time.
Picco Construction
Like I explained earlier, each sector of the economy has its own old and new players who are doing great exploits and the construction industry is one such area.
We know of big and renowned names that have been for some time now sustaining this industry.
This does not mean there are no other small players who are collectively holding fort.

What sustains a company in the construction industry mostly is its ability to convert a mansion on paper into a visible, attractive and durable building. The uniqueness and innovation in executing tasks and going by your schedules is critical.
Picco Construction is an integrated civil engineering and construction company that undertakes specialised and custom build residential and commercial projects throughout Zimbabwe.
The entity in less than 2 years had already undertaken large commercial and residential projects worthy millions of
United States dollars and continues to grow. Picco employs over 160 people working on projects that include commercial ones, residential builds, cluster home development and will this year embark on a low cost housing project. If you have an entrepreneurship mind, you’re not limited to one entrepreneurship endeavour. The founder of Picco Construction, Rinos Mautsa is also the founder of Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe, the first and only contact centre that has been established to date. His interest in the tech industry saw him establish Tech24, a leading technology solutions company in Zimbabwe.
In 2024, Mr Mautsa established Chartered Institute of Customer Management Zimbabwe which is offering professional qualifications globally for customer service practitioners and contact centre operators and has channel partners in over 30 countries.

CICM recently opened an office in Botswana and will be extending training services and certification to the Botswana populace. The Picco Construction CEO has found passion in the energy industry and co-founded Energy Plus, an integrated company that specialises in LP Gas.
The only limitation to entrepreneurship exploits exists in our minds. If others are doing it, nothing can stop a determined mind to do the same and even in a better way. Entrepreneurship is all about exploiting market opportunities in a unique and innovative way.

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